Getting Your Small Room To Look Bigger With Painting Techniques

While you may have been wanting to have a big house from way back, your income may not have allowed you to buy one that is big but only the smaller types of houses. They have small rooms but there is a way that you can use to make the rooms appear bigger – this is called house painting. Use this method so you can have your desire for bigger rooms.

House painting is affordable and you can really improve the looks of the rooms in your house if you just follow certain steps and procedures. Anyway, you just have to spend on the materials, and you can do the job yourself, especially because the home painting is dependent on your desires; somebody else doing the job may not be able to follow what you want.

Using lighter colors makes the rooms appear larger as one important rule to follow:

  • Use pale light colors such as lilac, blue and green in house painting and you can be sure your small rooms will look and appear larger as an effect of the use of this size- enhancing colors. Green especially adds coolness to the rooms.
  • If there are moldings that you want to paint with a different color from what you use for the walls, paint them with colors that are lighter than the wall colors for some contrasting effect. This means that everything in the room is light and bright and you keep the darker colors out of the picture.

Using Patterns For Size Enhancement

Patterns also help in giving the effect of spaciousness in your rooms, visually increasing the space of your small rooms. Patterns like vertical stripes tend to make small rooms look taller, so you may use them to achieve that effect; horizontal stripes also give the widening and enlargement effect on your small rooms. Using larger patterns that are more widespread also impart an illusion of space.

If there are unwanted things in your room that you want to hide as they occupy space in the room, color them with dark colors in home painting. The dark color shades have the effect of hiding them in a room generally painted with the lighter hues of colors.

Highlighting architectural features help in making the room look larger

Color the arches and decorative moldings in the room with contrasting colors to the home painting you did on the walls. The effect of this is to further enhance the spaciousness of the room.

Following the tips given above will achieve for you the enhancement that house painting can do to give an illusion of larger rooms from the small ones that you have.